Engagement ring custom-made in Paris

Far Frédéric Fontaine - Photo Stephanie Thomas

Your engagement ring custom made in Paris by a very talented french jeweller without living England. It is now possible on line and in four steps with "la Compagnie des Gemmes", le bijoutier des amoureux.

How does it work?

A good example is better than a thousand words

First step: You send to the compagnie des gemmes all the pictures you like in all the artistic genres, architecture, painting, furniture, design ... etc

Second step: The "Compagnie des Gemmes" will make a "mood board" with your pictures such like this one

If you are artistic, you can also send a sketch

as follow


In any case the french jeweller will make a 3D translation of the project

as follow

Third Step

You choose the stones with the french jeweller who is also a very clever stone dealer

For example in this case of engagement ring, this very beautiful cushion cut blue sapphire, and four diamonds square cut color F clarity VVS

Last Step

The engagement ring will be hand made in the full respect of the rules of the french art jewellery in Paris and you will receive the jewel in a safe delivery with an international  certificate at your home.

At any time you can call the french jeweller to exchange opinions with him.

The result ??

A ring called "Perron" which is now on the web site of the french jeweller

Bague Perron by Compagnie des Gemmes

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